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Excellent performance of silicone rubber
Mar 07, 2017

1, transportation: shipbuilding industry applications: automotive brake cap. Bowls. Hose. Seal ring. The shaft seal of the exhaust system. Spark plug sets. Ignition line Piston ring. Rotor engine dynamic with "O" ring. Marine shockproof parts. Hydraulic system seals, oil seals and so on.

2, radio, motor: telecommunications industry: TV and oscilloscope in the high-pressure cap. Potentiometer seals and insulation sleeves. Thyristor housing. Sealed electric head. Insulation of motor stator coils. Contact the gas seal. Insulation sleeve. Switch protective cover, electronic computer, telephone surface conductive rubber film, keyboard switch, varistor and so on.

3, instrumentation, instrumentation industry applications: a variety of regulators in the sensitive components of the diaphragm, the instrument with heating film, needle-resistant plastic sheet (high to engage in silicone rubber). Indicator color lamp cover. Drying oven. Electric furnace. Far infrared heater door seal, strip. Sponge door seals (replace toxic asbestos seals). The boiler is sealed. Refrigeration device seals and hoses. Instrument shock absorber. All kinds of silicone rubber lead wire (for capacitive light glow, coil. Transformer. Transformer. For lead wire) refrigerator defrost line. Heating lines and so on.

4, the aviation industry applications: fuel oil. Hydraulic oil system with pump seals. Oil seal. All kinds of flame - retardant silicone rubber pieces. Sealing ring for oxygen supply system. Diaphragm. Valves and so on.