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Introduction to silicone tableware
Mar 07, 2017

The ideal life of our different materials, a variety of tableware, there are ceramic plastic glass and stainless steel, but in use we will find: ceramic tableware shape design is beautiful, people feel at first glance Good, but the ceramic material itself is excellent, so do not care will be nibbling touch on the gap or broken, and can only be thrown away when the plastic tableware, of course, will not show the phenomenon of ceramics, but used Friends know that the plastic tableware dirty after it is difficult to clean, and sometimes demand to the hot water and cleaners Qi battle, we all know that the cleaning agent and more contain some chemical substances, with more than bad after all. And the last thing to say is stainless steel tableware, stainless steel meal appearance beautiful and durable, but if the maintenance is not easy to show rust phenomenon, and because of this material relationship we found that stainless steel products are not heat, heat disheveled, and not long time to place salt , Soy sauce, vinegar. Also can not use baking soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite and so stop washing. Because these substances are strong electrolyte, will react with the stainless steel electrochemical.