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Rubber O-ring mold disassembly precautions
Jul 04, 2017


Rubber O-ring mold disassembly of the note:

  1. Mold handling, pay attention to the upper and lower mold (or dynamic die) in the mold-like hands (one hand on the mold, the other hand under the mold) handling, pay attention to light, stable release.

  2. Before the work of the mold must check the tool is normal, and press the hand tool safe operation procedures, pay attention to the correct use of tools.

  3. Disassembly mold, the first should understand the work of the mold performance, the basic structure and the importance of each part, disassembly in order.

  4. Use copper rods, pry bar demolition of the mold, the posture to be correct, the force should be appropriate.

  5. When using a screwdriver:

A. Screwdriver can not be too thin too narrow, so as not to slide out when the screws.

B. Do not put parts in your hand with a screwdriver to tighten the screws.

C. Screwdriver can not be used copper rod or hammer hammer, so as not to handle the handle.

D. The screwdriver can not be used as a chisel.