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Sealing rubber O-ring leakage appearance
Jul 04, 2017

Often the leaked surface of the gasket has four ways: interface leakage, soaked leakage, scattered leaks, damage leaks.


Interface leakage: the interface because the gasket is not enough pressure, flange contact surface roughness, flange deformation, etc. will appear in the sealing interface leakage. On the world to discuss the leak, the choice of soft material clamp in the flange surface can be prevented.


Soaked leakage: because the soft material of raw materials are mostly fiber, simply by the media dip, especially the pressure effect. Because of the capillary appearance, the medium will soak into the low pressure side to form a soak.


Dispersion leakage: in the concentration of the advance, the media through the sealed gap or sealed material of the capillary material transfer occurs and leakage. Scatter is the result of molecular motion and is not one-way. In the sealing pressure is very small or vacuum conditions, or sealed nitrogen, hydrogen and other impregnated substances, and highly toxic, radioactive substances to pay special attention to the two kinds of leakage and dispersion.


Damage to the leak: the working conditions in the sealed parts of poor, hot deformation, often by vibration, shock, device is not correct, tightening force is too large, repeated repeated use, tightening deformation, internal stress set, beyond the fatigue strength and damage, Aging, transformation, etc. will form a damaged leak. This is the largest impact of the formation of leakage, damage is also large, to strengthen prevention.