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What is silicone kitchenware?
Mar 07, 2017

Silicone kitchenware is a classification of silicone products, silicone kitchen utensils produced by the special silicone as raw materials by molding or encapsulation with the package, in the kitchen baking, cooking, mixing, production, conditioning, ingredients, modulation of the formation of a Utensils. It has high temperature easy to clean long life soft and comfortable colors and diverse environmental non-toxic characteristics. So as to stand out among the many materials.

Popular application areas:

Especially in Europe and the United States the eyes of most Western countries are people in the life of the necessities of life. Such as the United States, Britain, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.

It is widely used in tableware, kitchen utensils and daily life. And get the majority of consumers generally recognized and praised. Silicone life supplies has become a beautiful landscape of people's fashion life.