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Passive Safety New Tactics: Google In The Front Plus A Large Double-sided Adhesive!
Jun 09, 2017

Passive safety new tactics: Google in the front plus a large double-sided adhesive!

Since the car birth of the day, traffic accidents are often accompanied by people. How to make the car driving more secure is an important issue of a long time car 


Vehicle safety measures can be roughly divided into active safety and passive safety. If active safety is in the process of driving through a series of means to remind 

or assist the driver to prevent traffic accidents then the passive safety is to reduce personal injury after the occurrence of personal safety devices (including car passengers and pedestrians protection ).

Recently, keen on unmanned vehicles that the US technology company Google is also looking for a vehicle passive security measures. Google believes that when the 

collision occurs you can use the coating will be stickers in front of the car. "The adhesive layer is made of a viscous material and operating principle is a bit like a flies and it's a bit like a double-sided tape," he said.Google in the adhesive covered with a layer of eggshell-like material in the daily driving. It can protect the adhesive layer when the accident occurs when the shell layer broken, exposing the adhesive layer.

The front of the car can cover a special adhesive that is can be adsorbed pedestrians. When an unfortunate accident occurs, such as the front of the car hit pedestrians, pedestrians will be absorbed in the car by the adhesive. "Putting pedestrians on a car can prevent pedestrians from being ejected," the patent says.

However, some experts have questioned this."If you stick your pedestrians on a car and then crush into something else, the situation may be worse not as good as throwing pedestrians aside or from the other," says Stanford Walker, a professor of law at Stanford University and an autopilot car expert. The roof throwing fly, so better. "

In fact, many companies are looking for new ways to protect pedestrians from car damage. Some are even surprising - for example, some of the Jaguar cars sold in Europe actually installed small explosives. When the car collided with pedestrians, the explosives exploded and lifted their heads to reduce pedestrian damage. The V40 has installed a pedestrian airbag at the bottom of the windshield because the pedestrian's head is often injured at the airbag when the car hit the pedestrian. In any 

case, the birth of a new technology always experienced from weak to strong process like the first steam train in the game lost to a carriage. Often a new era that is from time to time questioning and ridicule began.(Shared from sohu news.)