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Adhesive Properties Of Silicone Rubber Products
Oct 16, 2017

Silica gel tube or silicone sealant and other silicone products why does the white powder appear after boiled water? In fact, this white powder is part of the water from the analysis, another part is silica gel tube or silicone sealant, such as silica gel products, is the main ingredient of silica gel, water boiled is equivalent to high temperature conditions, will accelerate silica gel tube precipitation, silica is also the main ingredient of stone, so do not worry, The powder is non-toxic, but it may affect the flexibility and longevity of the hose, which is why silicone tubes are often boiled in water and why they harden.Silicone Rubber Products Bonding silicone material, slow dry type, 6-8 hours can reach the strength of 90%, complete curing to 24 hours, this glue, bonded silicone after curing, with the silicone itself as soft, elastic, waterproof, high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, tensile effect. Bonded Silica gel material, quick-drying type, in bonding silicone and silica gel, must use 420A processing agent silicone material to bond the surface of processing, processed silica gel material, to dry for about 1 minutes, and then point (sl-420b glue), bonding, bonding good products to be placed 24 hours to do high and low temperature test, Tensile test, etc. This glue, bonding curing speed, can increase production, but this glue can only be suitable for small-area product bonding.Silicone Rubber Products

is a single component silicone adhesive, rapid curing, products with high modulus, high and low temperature, and excellent anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging performance, is silicone and silica gel, fabric and silica gel, silica gel and metal, silicone seal ring, silicone rubber, such as a variety of silicone products on the sticky temperature curing good choice; excellent adhesion and in line with SGS certification. After the glue is coated, can be placed in the oven, with 80--90 degrees bake for 1 hours or so, bonded products, soft, flexible, waterproof, high temperature, acid and alkali.Silicone Rubber Products

A single group of adhesives, which is refined from a unique variety of silicon polymers and additives through a special process, environmental protection non-toxic, the main solvent ingredients for alcohol, light yellow liquid, mainly used in silica gel and electroplating of metal, silica gel and a variety of difficult to adhere to the bonding of the material between a pre-coated adhesive, need to warm vulcanization molding products, Resistant to 250 ℃ high temperature.Silicone Rubber Products