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Applicability Of Silicone Rubber Tableware
Sep 08, 2017

     The traditional bottle is plastic, and plastic in production must add a lot of antioxidants, plasticizers, stabilizers, and so on, these additives are harmful to the human body, and plastic in the high temperature conditions will cause the environmental hormone substances to seep out and accumulate in the body adipose tissue. and silicone does not contain environmental hormones, the use of medical grade silicone production, the baby safe, healthy. Silica gel is also a kind of breathable material, even at room temperature, breast milk is not easy to degenerate, in the refrigeration or refrigeration can better maintain the freshness of the breast.     Because silicone is harmless to the human body, colorless, tasteless material, so we can ease the use.Silicone Rubber Tableware
A baby's favorite soft bottle, soft as a skin sensation, can play a stabilizing role in the baby's mood. Washing, disinfection convenient, can thoroughly clean the various parts of the bottle, without the bottle brush can also be clean. Also, disinfection in boiling water or in a microwave oven will not cause deformation. Silicone bottles are more heat resistant than normal plastic bottles, and long periods of disinfection will not be a problem. After removing the plastic part, only the silicone bottle and the pacifier are disinfected in the water. (Disinfection: Monday to two times).Silicone Rubber Tableware
    There will be no odor, silica gel is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic raw materials, the food or liquid has been put for a long time will not produce plastic or rubber containers that taste, can maintain freshness. The silicone rubber polymer molecule is a chain-like structure made up of SI (silicon-oxygen) bond, its main component is the high molar mass of linear polysiloxane.Silicone Rubber Tableware
    Because the Si-o-si key is the basic key of its composition, the silicon atom is mainly connected with methyl, the small unsaturated group is introduced on the side chain, the intermolecular force is little, the molecule is spiral structure, the methyl is arranged in the outward direction and can rotate freely, making silicone rubber has better heat resistance, electrical insulating property and chemical stability than other ordinary rubber. Silicone Rubber Tableware
    The typical silicone rubber, the pom-pom, has a helical molecular configuration with a small intermolecular force, thus having a good resilience and a free rotation of the formaldehyde base outside the helix, so that silicone rubber has unique surface properties such as hydrophobic and surface-resistant adhesion. The following table lists the main characteristics and uses of silicone rubber.Silicone Rubber Tableware