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Characteristics Of Silicone Rubber Products And Explanation Of Phenomenon
Jun 15, 2017

   Silicone rubber products are based on methyl vinyl silicone rubber-based adhesive, adding a variety of fillers (reinforcing agent, heat agent, modifier, etc.) by mixing, book-pass, filter, sulfur, molding, Bonding and other production processes made. Silicone rubber products are silicone rubber and rubber as the main raw material to produce all kinds of silicone rubber products activities, silicone rubber products and people's lives are closely related, remote control, keyboard, pos machine, scanner, mobile phone, electronic dictionary, Silicone rubber products are related.


(1) high and low temperature resistance: 200 ℃ can be long-term use, at -60 ℃ is still flexible;Silicone Rubber Products

(2) electrical insulation properties: silicone rubber excellent dielectric properties, especially at high temperature dielectric properties much higher than the general organic rubber, dielectric strength in the range of 20-200 ℃ almost no temperature.Silicone Rubber Products

(3) excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and resistance to ultraviolet radiation performance, long-term use in the outdoor does not occur cracking. Silicone rubber is generally considered to be used outdoors for more than 20 years.

(4) excellent high temperature compression permanent deformation.Silicone Rubber Products

(5) good processing performance, easy molding, etc., through the extrusion hot air vulcanization molding, mold plus molding, plus forming and other methods to produce a variety of products.Silicone Rubber Products

   Why silicone rubber mold will appear the phenomenon of burning mold? Because the unsaturated resin and resin products added peroxide curing agent, the resin reaction will produce a lot of heat, the general resin curing time of 3 minutes, so 3 minutes as soon as possible after stripping, to prevent the silicone mold will not Produce the phenomenon of burning mold.