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Chemical Reaction Of Silicone Rubber Accessories
Oct 25, 2017

Silicone rubber is a high saturation of raw rubber, usually can not be cured with sulphur yellow, and the use of heat vulcanization. Heat vulcanization is made of organic peroxide as a vulcanizing agent, so the adhesive should not contain the reactive substances that can interact with the peroxide decomposition product, otherwise it will affect the vulcanization. Silicone rubber products are generally used at high temperature, the coordination agent should be kept stable at high temperature, for this reason, inorganic oxides are usually used as reinforcing agents.Silicone Rubber Accessories

The design of the formula should be based on product performance and use conditions, the selection of different characteristics of raw rubber. For general silicone rubber products require the use of temperature in the -70℃~250℃ range, can be used vinyl silicone rubber; When the use of the product temperature requirements ( -90~300℃), can be used low-phenyl silicone rubber, when the product requirements for high and low temperature and the need to withstand fuel or solvents, you should use fluorine silicone rubber.Silicone Rubber Accessories Peroxide can be classified into two categories according to its activity. One is a general-purpose, that is, high activity, to all kinds of silicone rubber can act as vulcanization, the other is a special type of vinyl, that is, the activity is low, only to the vinyl silicone rubber vulcanization effect.Silicone Rubber Accessories 

Vulcanizing Agent DCBP Because of its product is not easy to volatile, vulcanization will also produce bubbles, especially suitable for the hot air pressure products continuous vulcanization, but its decomposition temperature is low, easy to cause coke burning, the glue material storage time is short. Both the vulcanizing agent BP and the DCBP are crystalline powders, easy to explode, safe to operate and suitable for dispersing, usually with a paste dispersed in silicone oil or silicone rubber, with a general content of 50%. The boiling point of the vulcanizing agent is 110 ℃ extremely volatile. When the rubber material is deposited at room temperature, the vulcanizing agent is volatile, preferably in the form of molecular sieve as the carrier.Silicone Rubber Accessories

Vulcanizing agent DTBP does not react with air or carbon black, and can be used to manufacture conductive rubber and molded products with difficult operation. Vulcanizing Agent DBPMH and DTBP similar, but not volatile at room temperature, its decomposition products are very volatile, can shorten the two period of vulcanization time. The vulcanizing agent DCP is not volatile at room temperature, has the characteristic of vinyl special type, at the same time, the decomposition product volatility is also low, can be used for the occasion of small pressure vulcanization. Vulcanizing Agent TBPB is used to make sponge products.Silicone Rubber Accessories