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Classification, Characteristics And Advantages Of Packaging Materials
Jun 05, 2017

   First, classification:

   Paper packaging materials: wrapping paper honeycomb paper, paper bag paper, desiccant wrapping paper, honeycomb paperboard, kraft paper industrial cardboard, honeycomb paper core;

   Plastic packaging materials: PP packing belt, PET packing belt, tear film, Chan Raomo, sealing tape, shrinking film, plastic film, hollow board;Packaging Materials

   Composite soft packaging materials: flexible packaging, aluminum, iron core, aluminum foil composite film, vacuum aluminum paper, composite film, composite paper, BOPP;

   Metal packaging materials: tinplate aluminum foil, barrel hoop, strip, packing buckle, blister aluminum, PTP aluminum foil, aluminum, steel buckle;Packaging Materials

   Ceramic packaging materials: ceramic bottles, ceramic tanks, ceramic altar, ceramic pot;

   Glass packaging materials: glass bottles, glass jars, glass boxes;

   Wood packaging materials: wood products and artificial wood sheet (such as plywood, fibreboard) made of packaging, such as wooden boxes, wooden barrels, wooden boxes, wooden plywood, fiberboard boxes, plywood boxes and wooden pallets;

   Other Packaging Materials / Accessories:

   Bronzing materials: bronzing materials, laser film, Dian Hualv gold foil paper, bronzing film, hot stamping film, hot stamping foil, hot foil foil, color foil;

   Adhesives, Coatings: Adhesive Adhesives, Composites, Reinforcing Agents, Starch Adhesives, Sealants, Latex, Resins, Adhesives;Packaging Materials

   Packaging auxiliary materials: cap gloves machine, mold, gasket, handle, liner nozzle, sealing cover, packaging film.

Second, the characteristics

Unit: This is one of the biggest characteristics of the wrapping film. With the thin film of the winding force and retraction, the product compactly and fixedly tied into a unit, so that small pieces into a whole, even in adverse circumstances, the product is not any loose and separation, degree and no sharp The edge and sticky, so as not to cause damage.Packaging Materials

Primary protection: primary protection provides the surface protection of the product, in the product around the formation of a very light, protective appearance, so as to achieve dust, oil, moisture, water, security purposes. Particularly important is the wrapping film packaging to make the packaging items evenly force, to avoid uneven damage to the items, which is the traditional packaging (strapping, packing, tape and other packaging) can not do.

Compression Fixation: The product is wrapped around the retracting force of the stretch film to form a compact, non - space unit, so that the pallet of the product is tightly wrapped together to effectively prevent the transport process The product is dislocated and moved, and the adjustable tensile force allows the hard product to be brought into close contact with the tightening of the soft product, especially in the tobacco industry and in the textile industry. Cost savings: the use of stretch film for product packaging, can effectively reduce the use of cost, the use of stretch film only about 15% of the original box packaging, shrink the film about 35%, about 50% of the carton packaging. At the same time can reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve packaging efficiency and packaging grade.

Third, the advantages

Thin thickness, good cost performance, transparent appearance, double-sided sticky, non-toxic, tasteless, good security. Easy to use, high efficiency, high anti-buffer strength, good retraction rate, anti-piercing, anti-tear performance