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Detailed Description Of Packaging Materials
Oct 16, 2017

The same packaging box, with high-grade cardboard and cheap cardboard average up to 5 cents per cartridge cost difference, sometimes due to the number of printing, the cost difference is one or two cents, but domestic enterprises generally do not want to spend this money, generally believed to save the province. Packaging Materials

In fact, there are several misconceptions about these enterprises. For example, replace the lower price of 300g cardboard with high-grade cardboard, do not need the same number of grams, usually 250g can, but domestic enterprises in the conversion of high-grade whiteboard paper, still insist on the choice of 300g cardboard, resulting in unnecessary waste; there are enterprises that high prices of drugs to choose high-end wrapping sheet, for low-cost drugs, Of course, the use of cheap cardboard, and even some enterprises because the low price cardboard is not crisp, the requirements of the printed cardboard coated, so not only increase costs, but also environmentally friendly.Packaging Materials

Causes the enterprise to enter the misunderstanding reason, mainly is the domestic enterprise packaging economy consciousness is not strong, the attention degree is not enough, moreover the negative lesson of the health care product also urges some medicine enterprises to form these understanding erroneous areas. Because now on the market some health care products packaging too fancy, gaudy, leading to the formation of many domestic pharmaceutical packaging boxes should not be too gorgeous such a concept.Packaging Materials

At present, many medicine packaging is not only backward design, but also used to recycle pulp as raw material of gray paperboard, both unattractive and unsanitary, recycled pulp some toxic substances in wrapping paper board still exist. Some enterprises of the product packaging size, design unreasonable, some color design is not suitable for printing, especially enterprises on the cardboard box rate lack of attention, these all cause the potential waste of funds. and enterprises in this case and want to maintain a lower packaging costs, will inevitably lead to further reduce the grade of the box.Packaging Materials