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Development Trend Of Packaging Materials
Sep 28, 2017

In the progress of general plastic performance, the use of metallocene compound catalyst, can greatly improve the strength of polyethylene, which can be made thinner polyethylene film, and to achieve the original thick polyethylene film effect, thus saving poly The consumption of ethylene materials, to reduce the cost of packaging to reduce the amount of waste plastic packaging materials to reduce the environmental protection of the multiple effects of plastic products in the production technology has done a lot of work, including PET (polyethylene terephthalate Ester) bottle through the improvement of the molding process, greatly improving the heat resistance, so that the maximum filling temperature from not more than 60 degrees to 85 degrees, improve the application of PET bottles.Packaging Materials

In the use of universal plastic packaging materials to improve the function at the same time, a number of new features of plastic packaging materials have also cut a striking figure. Developed a deaerator container, when the oxygen into the container wall, the radiant and oxygen react with the oxygen and oxygen consumption, to prevent oxygen and the device contact, and protect it by the role of oxygen.Packaging Materials

Silicone-coated plastic films with a range of excellent properties are of great concern. The main features of this film are those with high transparency and high barrier to water vapor and oxygen, through microwaves, packaged Material can be directly into the microwave heating; after the use of waste easy recycling, will not cause a burden on the environment. Therefore, although the product is still in the initial stage of development and application, there are still expensive and the coating brittle, large loss of transport process and other issues, but many companies are very optimistic about this area, have joined the silica coating Layer of plastic packaging materials.Packaging Materials

Reduce the production cost of plastic packaging materials, is an important measure to improve its competitiveness, the main way: 1 using high-quality materials. To ensure the use of functional conditions, reduce the raw material consumption; 2 progressive plastic packaging materials production technology, reduce production costs. In the application of high-quality new materials, the use of high strength LLDPE instead of LDPE production of plastic packaging film. Packaging Materials

Had a major change in the plastics industry. Preliminarily, will be set off a metallocene catalyst for the production of new polyethylene and polypropylene, instead of traditional polyethylene, polypropylene production of plastic packaging materials climax, and to the plastic products production plant and application units to bring economic benefits The Packaging Materials