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Fabrication Process And Process Of Silicone Rubber Jewelry
Jun 28, 2017

    The jewelry prototype connected to the casting mouth, like a sandwich sandwiched in silicone rubber, and then loaded into the aluminum alloy frame, by pressure, heating vulcanization forming. Rubber model used to make rubber must meet the following requirements: corrosion resistance, anti-aging, good recovery performance, flexibility and softness, will not melt in paraffin. The main equipment used in the pressing mould is a die-forming machine, which consists of a heating plate, a thermostat, a timer and so on in two blocks with resistance wire and a temperature sensing device.Silicone Rubber Jewelry
   The pressing rubber die is simple, but it is an important link in the process of lost wax casting, and the quality of castings is closely related to the plastic mold. The following operating procedures must be noted in the process of pressing the glue mold. The Shan uses the oily pen to draw the fractal line along the edge of the plate shape, as the upper and lower die type position of the cutting mold, the determination of the position of the fractal line, and the principle of easy modulus. In the process of Shan operation, the mold frame and the silicon film must be kept clean and the hands and worktable cleaned. Shan Deposit is the first version and Silicon film will not adhesion, to do this, should give priority to the use of silver version, if it is the copperplate should be silver plated after the die, in the actual operation process, usually preferential use of silver as the first version of metal, silver is not easy to adhesion silicon film, and the first version of copper easy to adhesion with silicon film. Shan according to the specific circumstances to determine the appropriate heating temperature and time, which depends mainly on the thickness of the mold, length and the complexity of the first edition. Usually the heating temperature is set to 150 Shan or so, if the mold thickness in the 3 layer (about 10mm), the general heating time for the 20 25min, if the 4 layer (about 13mm) then the heating time can be 30-35min ... and so on. If the first version is a complex, small style, usually the use of lower heating temperature, extended heating time treatment, conversely, if the temperature is too high, it will affect the effect of the die.Silicone Rubber Jewelry
   It is important to emphasize that in the process of concrete operation, the silica gel must be kept clean and the surface of the silicon film can not be directly contacted by hand, but the silicone film should be glued on and then torn onto the protective film. The use of plug, winding, filling, fill in the first version of the gap, concave and stone level, such as filling, so that there is no gap between the silicon film and the first version. Especially in small pores such as tiny flower heads and secondary stone openings, they must be filled with tiny pellets and compacted with sharp tools such as forceps. At the same time, in order to ensure the life of the rubber mold, usually with 4 layers of silicon film suppressed. The thickness of the mold is pressed into the die box, slightly above the frame body plane about 2mm.Silicone Rubber Jewelry
   Die presses must be warmed up first, then put into the pressure-molded silicon film box, tighten the handle to make the heating plate pressing die box, carefully check whether the heating plate pressure, sulfur time to quickly remove the glue mold, it is best to cool it to room temperature, and then use the hand knife for open mode operation. The pressure of the plastic mold requirements of the overall deformation, smooth, water watermark does not skew.Silicone Rubber Jewelry