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Food Packaging Materials
Jul 25, 2017

   Our country is used in food packaging plastics as many as 15, six kinds, such as PE, PP, PS, Pet, PA, PVDC, Eva, PVA, Evoh, PVC, ionic bond resin and so on. One of the high oxygen resistance of PVA, Evoh, PVDC, PET, PA, etc., high resistance to Wet PVDC, pp, PE and so on, such as PS aromatic nylon, such as resistance to low-temperature, such as PE, Eva, poet, PA, etc., resistance to oily and mechanical properties such as ionic resin, PA, pet, etc., that is, high-temperature sterilization and low-temperature resistance, such as PET, PA and so on. The monomer molecular structure of various plastics, polymerization degree is different, the type and quantity of additive are different, the performance is also different, even if the same kind of plastic different grades will have differences.Packaging Materials

   Food packaging occupies a very important position in China's packaging industry, and it is the pillar industry of packaging industry. According to information provided by the World Packaging Organization (WPO), the global packaging industry has a turnover of over US $500 billion, and its composition is: paper and paperboard 32%, plastic 28%, metal 24%, glass 6%, packaging machinery 5%. The other 5%, the top four of the four packaging materials-paper, plastic, metal and glass, the total amount of food packaging industry turnover of about 90%. In Japan, the total consumption of all kinds of packaging materials annual growth rate of 2.8%, including paper and paper accounted for 4.7%, metal 4.9%, glass 3.3%, and plastic to 7.1%, which indicates that the development of packaging materials is still the fastest development of plastic materials, this situation is worthy of domestic packaging materials manufacturers concerned.Packaging Materials

   Paper is a traditional packaging material, in the modern packaging industrial, paper and paper packaging container occupies a very important position. Some developed countries paper packaging materials accounted for 40%-50% of the total packaging materials, China accounted for about 40%. From the trend of development, the proportion of paper packaging materials will be more and more. This is because the paper packaging material has a series of advantages: Good processing performance, good printing performance, with a certain mechanical properties, easy to compound processing, good formability, health safety is good, and raw material source is extensive, variety, low cost, easy to form mass production, and paper packaging container weight is lighter, good buffering, so the application is very extensive, and paper waste can be recycled, under natural conditions can be biodegradable, no white pollution.Packaging Materials