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How To Determine Whether Silicone Rubber Products Reach The Food Grade Location
Aug 09, 2017

                   The usual food grade in daily life refers to the standard that can reach food without affecting the quality of food and not harmful to the human body. To determine whether a material is food grade, it is necessary to see if the material is passed the relevant tests stipulated by food safety regulations.Silicone Rubber Products

                  Food with silica gel is condensed from silicic acid inorganic polymer colloid material, the main ingredient is SIO2·NH2O, its content in more than 98%, non-toxic tasteless, chemical stability, in the normal in addition to caustic and hydrofluoric acid, not with any acid-base salt reaction. Because it is a colloidal structure, it has many pores and a large surface area. Edible silica gel aperture about 8-10nm, specific surface area 300-500m2/g, and surface hydrophilic, water has a strong absorption capacity, in the case of high humidity, its water absorption can reach 80%-100% of its own weight. So food-grade silicone can be used as food, medicine, external desiccant. Since the edible silica gel is refined and sterilized, can be combined with the food and drug demand to ensure that the food is dried and eaten together with food, without any toxic side effects on the human body.Silicone Rubber Products

                  In accordance with FDA requirements, silicone rubber products exposed to food must meet the following three conditions: 1. There is no release of a risk component to human health. This requires the product itself will not contain toxic substances, and the product must have sufficient stability of chemical properties, will not be natural oxidation corrosion. 2. Cannot lead to unacceptable changes in food ingredients. Products can not be in contact with the chemical reaction, the composition of the product itself can not be changed because of exposure to food. 3. It is not possible to reduce the sensory characteristics of food (to change the taste, smell, color, etc.).Silicone Rubber Products