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Introduction Of Silicone Rubber Protective Cover
Aug 23, 2017

     Because silicone rubber products have excellent comprehensive performance and good technical and economic effects, has been in aviation, aerospace, atomic energy, electrical appliances, electronics, instrumentation, automotive, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, medical and health, daily life in various fields has been widely used. Silicone rubber products are biocompatible materials, so qualified silicone rubber products can be done artificial organs, users can beauty industry and physical therapy industry.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover
     Silicone rubber insulation shield using anti-aging high polymer materials and imported silicone rubber, products with good toughness, hydrophobic strong, anti-ultraviolet, suitable for power equipment distribution transformers, surge arresters, outdoor switches, busbar terminals and other wiring end of the insulation safety protective gear, can effectively prevent the exposed electrical equipment terminal head, due to various reasons for damage to electrical installations and electric shock casualties occurred. Transformer connector shield set for 7, three four, general wiring mode has equipment line clamp type and terminal type. The user presses the transformer into the outlet order. Transformer connector shield A set of 10, three into four three lei.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover
    Transformer safety Shield can effectively prevent all kinds of exposed joints for various reasons (wet flash, pollution flashover, salt spray chemical gas corrosion, human contact, small animals or sundries lap line, stealing electricity, etc. caused by the short circuit or grounding caused by the power outage, damage to electrical equipment and electric shocks and other accidents, thus ensuring the safe operation of power equipment.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover
    Distribution transformers are mostly placed outdoors, fields, small animals [such as: mice, birds, chickens, cats, snakes, hares, weasels, etc. often on the transformer, especially in winter, snow, high temperature transformers, is a small animal like habitat, small animals touch the charged body, will cause power line off the gate, forming a large area of power outages, causing major economic losses. Transformer safety Shield can prevent the above hazards, and has a certain ability to prevent personal shock, transformer safety shield using high voltage insulation materials, suitable for a variety of distribution transformers, easy to install.  Silicone Rubber Protective Cover
    Suitable for various types of clamps.Silicone rubber products are generally not poisonous, but if the manufacturer in order to cheap added some cheap bad chemicals, then surely there will be a certain toxicity, and the color will not be colorless, there are excellent impurity color, as long as the colorless silicone rubber products are non-toxic.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover