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Introduction To Silicone Case
Mar 07, 2017

Has a very good flexibility, wear, environmental protection, high temperature and other characteristics. Early silicone mobile phone sets are solid color, as the process of continuous optimization and progress on the market now mostly color-based! Most of these mobile phone sets are exported, Europe and the United States developed more. With the rise of iphone products in recent years, which led to a large number of domestic demand for silicone mobile phone sets, and the largest production of this silicone mobile phone sets of the city to the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta-based.

Silicone mobile phone sets of color, by adding a certain amount of raw materials inside the column than the color paste to deploy. In theory, Pantone color card can be deployed on the color, the actual situation, there will be a certain degree of color.

Advantages and disadvantages

1, the advantages: easy to use, can be dust, anti-fingerprints, easy to handle; moderate hardness, mobile phone silicone sets will have a certain degree of softness to personal protection of mobile phones; mobile phone silicone sets of many, there are many different specifications, Daily or regular replacement of different mobile phone silicone sets rich life.

2, Disadvantages: In addition to protecting the phone, the mobile phone silicone sleeve is easier to dirty, and will affect the phone's thermal performance, additional increase in the thickness of the phone, affecting the use of mobile phones.