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Key Points Of Silicone Rubber Protective Cover
Sep 08, 2017

     Electrical equipment insulation Protective sleeve using silicone rubber material high-temperature molding, with excellent electrical properties, anti-aging, high and low temperature, can be used under any conditions. is a transformer, lightning arrester, outdoor switch and other power equipment wiring end must be equipped with the safety protection supplies, the product can effectively prevent the original exposed to the external power equipment end because of human contact, stealing electricity, small animals or debris lap, wet flash salt spray and chemical gas corrosion caused by the blackout accident, So as to avoid the huge economic losses.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover
     Product function and Advantages: effective du animals and other small animal or foreign body lap caused by the short circuit accident. To prevent the condensation of flashing, pollution flashover, icicles caused by sticky snow electrical accidents. Prevent acid rain, salt mist and harmful chemical gas to the transformer into the line of corrosion. Prevent pedestrians from accidentally touching the exposed electrical contact and causing personal casualties. The protective cover and the metering device are all closed operation to prevent the illegal elements from stealing electricity. The fastening structure is simple to install and can be reused.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover
    Product performance: Electrical high Voltage insulation protection sleeve sheathed with synthetic silicone rubber high-temperature vulcanization, never variant, high flexibility, tearing, product life expectancy of up to 50 years. With good insulation performance, insulation strength ≧20kv/mm, insulation resistance ≧10 10. Product design reasonable, easy to install. The fasten Silicone Rubber Protective Cover
     er structure is convenient for disassembly and reuse during overhaul. Products resistant to high and low temperature, can be used within the -60℃-190℃ range. UV-resistant, excellent hydrophobic, anti-aging, to meet the outdoor long-term operation. Silicone mold adhesive is a kind of two-component room temperature fluidized silicone rubber. Alias: RTV Poly Two methyl siloxane rubber, English name: RTV polydimethysi lozane rubber. This product before vulcanization is a good fluidity of liquid rubber, when used, only need to add the appropriate proportion of cross-linking agent, vulcanizing agent, mixing at room temperature can be solidified into high-strength elastomer.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover