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Mobile Phone Holster Production Process
Mar 07, 2017

the first sort

Voltage leather case. This kind of leather has also been cut through the material, and then use the precision of the leather mold through the leather cover the machine cover the lid. This kind of holster into the eye is very thin, slim edge highlights the ultra-thin iphone5 style. As shown below is the most representative of the iphone5 voltage holster. This kind of leather with some seam, so some also use sewing.

The second category

Sewing leather case. This kind of leather is a unique handmade craft through leather goods, after the material cutting, bonding, leather cover cover sewing, and then the PC shell paste skin combination made of leather. This type of leather work on the requirements of fine perfect, especially for the sewing requirements are very high, because it is necessary to show through the sewing machine overall high-end leather, while a simple style. Through this high-end, simple style to show the elegance of iphone. This is the most representative of this iphone5 leather case.