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Mobile Phone Shell Dirty How To Do Mobile Phone Shell Cleaning Method
Mar 07, 2017

Rubber is something that everyone has used, it can not only wipe the paper on the handwriting, while in other objects also have a good cleaning effect. In the mobile phone body it is also applicable, especially some of the fuselage with the effect of frost processing models, with a rubber to wipe the words can clean up the stolen goods. Then it is for the smooth surface of the phone silicone sleeve, it will have a good effect?

White silicone cover has obviously darkened, the back part has also been some yellow, we tried to use a rubber wipe a few times, rubber debris has been there, but unfortunately the top of the silicone case above the black part of the still no change, It seems that the rubber is incompetent. However, if your protective cover or shell on the dirt is too much or not very serious case, the rubber is still a good cleaning tool.

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