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Packaging Materials Improve Strength And Barrier Properties
May 15, 2017

Packaging Materials Food and human health are closely related to the health and safety of food is also the people most concerned about, so the requirements of food packaging is also particularly strict. In the field of food packaging, plastic composite flexible packaging accounted for a considerable proportion. Experts have clearly pointed out the future direction of the development of food flexible packaging is to improve the existing plastic properties, the development of new varieties, improve the strength and barrier properties, reduce the amount of (thick-walled), re-use, classification recovery and protection of the environment.

New high barrier plastics have been widely used

Packaging Materials This packaging material not only enhances the protection of food, but also can reduce the amount of plastic, or even re-use. For the processing of foods requiring high barrier protection and vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, etc., are generally used in composite packaging, multi-layer composite materials must have more than one layer of high barrier materials. Commonly used high barrier materials are aluminum foil, nylon, polyester and so on. With the increase in the protection of food requirements, better barrier properties of ethylene - vinyl alcohol copolymer, polyvinyl alcohol, also began to use. At present, the development of developed countries and a small amount of application of PEN (polyethylene naphthalate), to food packaging brings many advantages. PEN chemical structure and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) similar, but the rigidity greatly improved, oxygen resistance, water resistance than PET several times, and the UV absorption is good, low gas adsorption, Food is not tasty and can be reused.

Inorganic high barrier microwave food packaging materials will become a new favorite

With the accelerated pace of life, can be directly used for microwave heating food packaging packaging industry to become a new hot spot. As the current aluminum foil and some plastic composite materials made of packaging is opaque, easy to recover, and can not be used for the shortcomings of microwave processing, in recent years the development of plating SiOx material can be used as a substitute. SiOx is a thin layer of silicon oxide plated on PET, PA, PP and other substrates, which not only have better barrier properties, but also have excellent atmospheric environmental adaptability. Its barrier properties are almost immune to environmental humidity and temperature changes. SiOx coating has high barrier, high microwave permeability, transparency, can be used for microwave processing of food packaging, can also be made of beverage and edible oil packaging containers, China has begun to use. SiOx coating cost is higher, large-scale production technology is not perfect, but because of its special performance, will become an important packaging materials of this century.

The application of active packaging technology will become a trend

The active packaging technology includes the interaction between packaging and the gas and food within the package. Active packaging can effectively maintain the food nutrition and flavor. Due to advances in materials science, bioscience and gas packaging, active packaging technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Such as deoxygenated active packaging, sterile active packaging. Among them, the sterilized active packaging is a combination of active sterile substances and packaging materials, is the sorbitol, sorbate, sodium benzoate, silver zeolite and other substances added to the manufacture of packaging containers in the material, and then manufacturing molding into containers , So that it slowly releases the sterilized active ingredient. Active packaging is mainly used in food packaging, relative to the past with the physical method of blocking gas, water vapor and light, etc., it is to extend the shelf life of food plays a positive, active role, can provide better protection. Therefore, active packaging as an intelligent technology is being widely developed and applied.