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Packaging Tape Appearance And Performance Introduction
Nov 03, 2017

The appearance is very beautiful, cling to the goods, will not affect people's misreading of the goods, suitable for a variety of different shapes of commodity packaging; its protection performance is very good, if the shrink packaging inside packaging with the outer transparent tape combination, then you can play a better protective function; With transparent tape packaging, can be very clean, it is good cleanliness, Suitable for the precision of the instrument; Transparent tape packaging products in good stability, will not stagger. Customers can see the goods directly, very transparent.Packaging Tape

The forming method of the plastic film is one of the transparent adhesive tape production process, which is used in extrusion molding and calendering. The production mode of extruded film is divided into three kinds of forming methods, such as extrusion blow molding film, extrusion casting film and extrusion traction forming film. The production method of extrusion blow molding film has the most application.Packaging Tape

Transparent tape production process extrusion Molding film three different methods are: Extrusion blow molding Film production, it is the melting material which is simply plasticized by the extruder machine, which is extruded by forming a cylindrical membrane billet, and then blowing the air into the cylinder with a certain pressure, and blowing the cylinder-shaped plastic film billet into the film tube diameter and thickness, It is cooled and shaped into thin film products. The production process of the transparent tape of the blown plastic film is generally produced by polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride resins.Packaging Tape

Adhesive tape for use in anti-corrosion winding, also divided into cold belt and hot belt, cold belt generally including polyethylene (composite) type of anti-corrosion tape, polypropylene reinforced fiber anti-corrosion tape, aluminum foil anti-UV anti-corrosion tape, polyethylene 660 (modified asphalt) tape, double-sided adhesive anti-corrosion inner belt (this tape in the domestic use of very little, But it is very useful in foreign countries and is widely used for export and epoxy coal tar asphalt anticorrosion tape.Packaging Tape