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Packaging Tape Classification And History
Aug 21, 2017

              Packaging Tape Classification: Transparent packaging tape, color packaging tape, printing tape three types of packaging. Packaging Tape History: 1928 Scotch tape Richard 2, Minnesota, United States of America, May 30, 1928 in the United Kingdom and the U.S. filed applications, drew developed a lightweight, pressure-bonded binder that was initially not sticky enough to be told: "Get this thing back to your Scottish bosses and ask them to put some more gum on!" "(" Scotland "means" stingy ") but during the Great Depression, people found hundreds of uses for the tape, from mending clothes to protecting the broken eggs.Packaging Tape

              Packaging Tape is on the basis of the Bopp film after High-voltage Corona after the surface of a rough coating after the glue after the break into a small volume is our daily use of tape. Adhesive tape Glue is acrylic resin, also known as pressure-sensitive adhesive, the main ingredient is tincture fat.Packaging Tape

              Sealing Tape Masterbatch is different from our daily life to see the tape, generally in life is rarely seen, the main circulation in industrial production. Sealing Tape Master volume is mainly used in the tape slitting plant, we cut into daily life in accordance with the different specifications of the BOPP sealing tape products.Packaging Tape

              Sealing Tape Master Roll is mainly based on Bopp film Masterbatch, then the Bopp film after the high-voltage corona treatment, its surface formed rough, and then after heating evenly coated water-based pressure-sensitive adhesive (the main ingredient is butyl ester), and then according to customer requirements to form different thickness of the adhesive layer.Packaging Tape