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Packaging Tape Product Knowledge
Jul 25, 2017

   Packaging Tape Production method: Packaging tape is on the basis of the Bopp film after High-voltage Corona after the surface of a rough after the glue coated after the split into a small volume is our daily use of tape. Adhesive tape Glue is acrylic resin, also known as pressure-sensitive adhesive, the main ingredient is tincture fat.

   Packaging Tape Classification: Transparent packaging tape, color packaging tape, printing tape three types of packaging. Packaging Tape History: 1928 Scotch Tape United States of America, Minnesota, May 30, 1928 in the UK and the United States filed applications, drew developed a lightweight, pressure-bonded binder that was initially not sticky enough to be told: "Get this thing back to your Scottish bosses and ask them to put some more gum on!" "(" Scotland "means" stingy ") but during the Great Depression, people found hundreds of uses for the tape, from mending clothes to protecting the broken eggs.Packaging Tape

   Packaging Tape Principle: Packaging tape Why can sticky things? Of course it is because it is coated with a layer of adhesive on the surface of the relationship! The earliest adhesives came from animals and plants, and in the 19th century rubber was the main ingredient in adhesives, while modern polymers were widely used. Sticky agent can stick to things, is due to its own molecules and to connect the elements of the formation of bonds between the molecules, this bond can be firmly bonded together. Adhesive ingredients, depending on the different label, different kinds of different polymers.Packaging Tape

   Packaging Tape Materials: 1 film (backing) is mainly OPP, PVC, PET, PE and other domestic mainly Bopp 2 adhesive (adhesive) main material is natural (synthetic) rubber, and acrylic what is pearl cotton? Epe is a kind of new environment-friendly packaging material with high strength cushioning shock-absorbing ability. It is flexible, lightweight, full of elasticity, through the bending to absorb and disperse external impact force, to achieve a buffer effect, overcome the EPS (Styrofoam), paper and other products fragile, deformation, poor recovery, the shortcomings of poor ability to shock. At the same time, EPE has thermal insulation, moisture, friction, corrosion resistance and a series of superior use characteristics. After adding antistatic agent and smoldering agent, it has more remarkable performance.