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Priority Order Of Packaging Materials
Sep 19, 2017

     Green packaging refers to the use of environmental and human pollution-free, recyclable reusable or renewable packaging materials and their products packaging. The characteristics of green packaging can be summed up as follows: Save resources and energy, and waste at least, recyclable and recycled; packaging materials can be biodegradable and the degradation cycle is short; the packaging materials on the human body and the biological chain should be non-toxic and harmless; Green packaging does not pollute the environment throughout its life cycle. Packaging Materials

     Green packaging design should conform to the 4R1D standard-refill (refill), reuse (reuse), recycling (recycle), reduce packaging waste (reduce), biodegradable (degrade), that is, designed to be harmless to human health, waste not polluting the environment, And it is easy to recycle or reuse the product packaging.Packaging Materials

    The preferred order of choice is paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, plastic, tin and other materials. From the point of view of green packaging, the first choice is: no packaging or minimal packaging, it fundamentally eliminates the impact of packaging on the environment, followed by the return, can be recycled packaging or recyclable packaging, its recycling benefits and effectiveness depends on the recycling system and consumer perceptions.Packaging Materials

    The selection of recycled materials can not only improve the utilization of packaging materials, reduce production costs, but also save a lot of energy and reduce the consumption of other resources, while reducing environmental emissions. The production of cosmetic boxes, powder boxes and lipstick used in the aluminum packaging materials, 85% from the beverage cans recycled income.Packaging Materials

    Compared with the use of raw aluminum resources, can save nearly 97% of electricity, water, production process of pollution also reduced by 95%. The powder box is adsorbed on the cosmetic box by magnetic force, which is easy to replace after use. The mirrors and magnets in the cosmetic box are not leaded. The entire cosmetic box can be completely recycled. Also such as the series of packaging, not only from the handbag to wrapping paper are used recycled papers, and minimize the packaging level and volume.Packaging Materials