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Properties Of Packaging Materials For Packaging
Oct 25, 2017

High-density polyethylene can be made of about 0.01 mm ultra-thin thin film, and can be made into heavy packaging of cross composite film, woven bag, non-woven bag and so on. Ultra-high-molecular weight HDPE is more used for processing large packagings and ultra-thin films. In recent years, the toughness of linear low-density polyethylene is higher than that of the same density, which can be made thin and ductile thin film and large container, which is a promising resin.Packaging Materials

Polyethylene film water resistance, corrosion resistance, heat sealing performance, but the permeability of oxygen is large, and polyamide film on the oxygen tightness, high strength, but poor thermal seal. The combination of the two materials, not only solves the gas tightness, but also has the thermal seal, can make the ideal composite film, composite bottle cans and so on. In the manufacture of composite materials, the choice of adhesives is very important to make the material have a certain composite fastness (see Polymer adhesives). In order to improve the printing fastness of polyethylene film, electric spark treatment is often used.Packaging Materials

Easy to process molding, products non-toxic, transparent, shiny acid and alkali, moisture resistance, suitable for processing into a variety of containers, covers, film and so on. Polystyrene foam is an excellent shockproof, thermal insulation material. The two-way tensile polystyrene film has good air permeability and thermal stability, and can be made into shrink film for packaging fresh vegetables and fruits. The copolymers of acrylonitrile and styrene and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers are also used in the packaging industry.Packaging Materials

The common is poly terephthalic acid ethyl two ester, its biaxial tensile film mechanical strength is high, the transparency is high, heat resistance, oil-resistant, airtight, moistureproof is good, but the thermal seal performance is poor, often as the outer layer of the composite film and adhesive tape base material and so on. Polyester bottles are often used in the packaging of soda, food and cosmetics. In order to improve the transparency of the polyester bottle, at present, the first prefabricated cold billet is used, and then the processing technology of the tensile blow moulding bottle is heated. In addition, polyethylene terephthalate film is also used in the packaging industry.Packaging Materials