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Protection Form And Structure Of Silicone Rubber Protective Cover
Nov 03, 2017

Product production using technology or independent research and development process, the use of special materials. has been widely used in CNC machine tools, milling machine, grinder, sawing machine, planer, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, windows and doors machinery, injection molding machine, manipulator, lifting transport equipment, automated warehouse. There are many forms to choose from.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover

The product uses steel rims support, sewing, mold molding three of processes. Used to protect the screw, shaft, light staves and other parts of the dust from pollution. Can be stretched or compressed with the machine parts. Installed inside or outside the machine tool, vertical or horizontal use can be. The organ-type protective cover is fitted with stainless steel sheet and aluminum alloy sheet. Widely used in grinder, precision instruments, measuring instruments, CNC machines and other mechanical fields of the guide, beams, pillars.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover

The stainless steel armor that is assembled on each fold surface can be swung or fixed. The protective cover for swinging armor is: When the shield is in a compression state, force the armor to rotate 90 degrees outward. The protective cover for a fixed armor is: When the shield is in a compression state, there is no obstacle to the armor to maintain its original state.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover

The product is the traditional protection of the machine tool has common steel plate protection hood and linkage parallel structure of two types of protection. Widely used in machining centers, CNC machine tools, sawing machines, planer, grinder, engraving machine and other machinery and equipment.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover

In this field, the Steel Telescopic guide shield is widely used to prevent cuttings and other sharp things from entering the effective protection, through a certain structural measures and appropriate scraper plate can also effectively reduce the infiltration of coolant. Our Steel Telescopic guide shield can adapt to modern machine tools for High-tech, correct installation location, high operating speed and other aspects of the increasing requirements.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover