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PVC Conveyor Belt Resistant To Tropical, Cold Zone
May 10, 2017

Conveyor belt selection is divided into two types of ordinary conveyor belt and special conveyor belt.

      1. General type conveyor belt: This conveyor belt with fiber fabric with core, pattern pvc conveyor belt, with the general rubber for covering materials, pvc conveyor belt, the surface smooth and smooth.

2. Special conveyor belt: the main rope with a rope, high-angle belt, tropical, with cold zone, with a refractory belt, wire mesh and strip, and so on.

① steel cord with a number of flexible and high strength of the special wire rope instead of fiber fabric with a core conveyor belt.

② high angle belt: including short pattern belt, high pattern belt, horizontal plate with a ribbed belt with several types.

③ heat-resistant: with special rubber for the cover material conveyor belt, conveying the material temperature up to 800 ℃.

④ cold belt: also used special rubber for the cover material conveyor belt, can be used in -55 ℃ environment.

⑤ refractory belt: with PVC or special rubber for the cover material conveyor belt, white food pvc conveyor belt, mainly for coal mine. It is with the roller or other parts of the strong friction is not easy to produce a flame caused by explosive.

Pu conveyor belt aging elements

Now the pu conveyor belt in the use of a period of time will show the aging of the situation, then what elements lead to this situation? The following Xiaobian let us introduce the pu conveyor belt aging elements.

1, light: the shorter the light, the greater the energy. The damage to the rubber is the effect of high energy UV. In addition to UV can directly lead to the rubber molecular chain cracking and cross-linking, the rubber due to the absorption of light energy and free radicals, causing and speed up the oxidation chain reaction process. Ultraviolet light plays the effect of heating. Light effect of its other characteristics (and thermal effect is not the same) is that it is mainly in the rubber outside the body. High rate of plastic samples, both sides will appear reticular cracks, pvc conveyor belt how much money, the so-called "light outside the split."

2, moisture: the effect of water there are two aspects: rubber in the humid air or soak in the water, the simple damage, which is due to the rubber in the water-soluble substances and water groups and other ingredients are dissolved by water. Hydrolysis or absorption and other factors. Especially in the water immersion and atmospheric exposure of the replacement effect, will speed up the rubber damage. But in some cases the moisture on the rubber can not afford to damage the effect, and even delayed the effect of aging.