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Silicone Phone Sets Dirty How To Clean
Mar 07, 2017

1, water: cell phone sets are not too dirty, then clean with water, and then dry with a soft cloth on it.

2, toothpaste: toothpaste to clean the silicone sleeve, with a mirror cloth repeatedly wipe, but also to achieve the cleaning effect, toothpaste is also a very good cleaning tool.

3, rubber: with a rubber to wipe the words to clean up the stolen goods, if your protective cover is not very serious dirt case, wipe with a rubber several times, but also has a good cleaning effect.

4, cleaning agent: leather phone with a soft cotton cloth dipped in some special cleaning agent for leather gently scrub on it. If it is too dirty, it is recommended to send a special leather maintenance shop to clean, after cleaning, but also for the corresponding leather goods maintenance, such as oil and the like, not too expensive.