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Silicone Protective Cover Material
Mar 07, 2017

Silicone protective cover can be said that consumers are most familiar with, but also the use of the largest number of types of protective cover. It is soft texture, feel slightly slippery, the popular market has been for many years. From the shoddy spread to the development of well-made personality brand, market share has always been leading.

Silica gel (Silica gel; Silica) Alias: Silicone rubber is a highly active adsorption material, is an amorphous material, the chemical formula for the mSiO2? NH2O. Insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, stable chemical properties, in addition to alkali, hydrofluoric acid does not react with any substance. Various types of silica gel because of its different manufacturing methods to form a different microporous structure.

The chemical composition and physical structure of the silica gel determines that it has many other similar materials difficult to replace the characteristics of high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, chemical stability, high mechanical strength and so on. Silica gel according to the size of its pore size is divided into: macroporous silica gel, coarse silica gel, B type silicone, fine silica gel.