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Silicone Rubber Accessories
Aug 21, 2017

              Silicone rubber cable is suitable for AC rated voltage 450-750v mobile or stationary device radiation. Silicone rubber Cable has good softness, waterproof, corrosion resistance, pressure and other advantages. The working temperature is -60℃-180℃. Silicone Rubber Cable use: Silicone rubber cable for AC rated voltage 450-750v Mobile or fixed device radiation. Silicone rubber insulated heat-resistant control cable.Silicone Rubber Accessories

              One: Silicone rubber cable features and uses: Silicone rubber cable for AC rated voltage $number and the following mobile or fixed laying appliance instrument connection line or signal transmission, silicone rubber cable has good thermal stability, can be at high temperature, low temperature, corrosion of the good electrical properties and softness, suitable for metallurgy, power, petrochemical and other industries with mobile temperature and other special requirements for the use of occasions.Silicone Rubber Accessories

               Silicone rubber Flat cable using silicone rubber as insulation or sheath material, because silicone rubber itself has high temperature, cold, soft, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion and other characteristics, so the cable high temperature environment of stable electrical properties, anti-aging performance, long service life, suitable for the exchange of 1KV and below with tensile, heat, anti-corrosion and other special requirements of the driving, trolley, transmission machinery and other mobile equipment and electrical power transmission lines and control, lighting, communication lines, this product has been widely used in metallurgy, electricity, chemical, shipbuilding, Ports and other industries.Silicone Rubber Accessories