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Silicone Rubber Baby Tableware
Aug 09, 2017

               The company is a focus on baby-feeding supplies research and development, production and sales of High-tech enterprises, relying on more than 10 years in the field of silicone materials and products industry experience, with the help of the baby child industry in recent years, high-speed development opportunities, adhering to the "safety, environmental protection, leading" product management concept, the development of a silicone bottle-oriented "Little dot" baby-feeding products, and continuous improvement, excellence, in just a few years will be "little dot" caused "silicone baby-feeding products leading brand"Silicone Rubber Tableware

               The traditional bottle is plastic, and plastic in production must add a lot of antioxidants, plasticizers, stabilizers, and so on, these additives are harmful to the human body, and plastic in the high temperature conditions will cause the environmental hormone substances to seep out and accumulate in the body adipose tissue. and silicone does not contain environmental hormones, the use of medical grade silicone production, the baby safe, healthy. Silica gel is also a kind of breathable material, even at room temperature, breast milk is not easy to degenerate, in the refrigeration or refrigeration can better maintain the freshness of the breast. Because silicone is harmless to the human body, colorless, tasteless material, so we can ease the use.Silicone Rubber Tableware

               The softness of a baby's soft bottle, like the skin, can have a stabilizing effect on the baby's mood. Washing, disinfection convenient can thoroughly clean the various parts of the bottle, without a bottle brush can also clean. Also, disinfection in boiling water or in a microwave oven will not cause deformation. Silicone bottles are more heat resistant than normal plastic bottles, and long periods of disinfection will not be a problem. After removing the plastic part, only the silicone bottle and the pacifier are disinfected in the water.Silicone Rubber Tableware