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Silicone Rubber Jewelry Softness And Clarity
May 15, 2017

Silicone Rubber Jewelry Silica gel to the impression of more concentrated on what silicone dolls, kitchen utensils, food molds and so on, but for jewelry designers, silica gel is a new material for these years. The Korean designer's silicone work will completely break the traditional view of silicone on the masses!

Graduated from Seoul National University of Korea initially to the silicone on the understanding also limited to a variety of silicone tools, but after the material exploration, the softness of silica gel and the sense of transparency brought her many inspiration. Seulgi's work was originally a series of cells, which produced a series of derivatives through the mutation division of the cells and the changes in color. The work shows the unique feminine vision, gentle but full of vitality.

Charm Decorative Silicone bracelet with 100% pure natural silicone rubber processing, the silicone bracelet belt itself has a certain tension and softness, Silicone Rubber Jewelry thus easily deformed and immediately restored; Charm decorative silicone bracelet with wear-resistant, high temperature, non-deformation, non-toxic, tasteless, non-side effects of the human body and soft, non-cracking, long life, do not stimulate the advantages of skin, charm decorative silicone bracelet is the real green jewelry.

Jewelry, in most people's concept, should be made of metals and gems.

The captain's introduction today is a "unconventional" silicone jewelry.

Somebody would say, what? The cheap material that silicone can make jewelry?

The captain wants to say, is the value of jewelry really only determined by material? Also, what is the so-called precious metals and gems that really are so expensive?

Silicone Hand Ring Introduction

Silicone Rubber Jewelry The earliest popular in the United States, is now popular globally, silicone bracelet is currently a popular hand ornaments. A variety of different fonts, different colors of silicone bracelets, made of 100% silicone material (burning white smoke, fake black smoke, and emitting a strong pungent odor), (in which the imported silicone food grade raw materials to do the hand ring, quality of the highest level, the price is two or three times times the common silicone raw materials, but rarely used), non-toxic, wearable, non-cracking, Silicone Rubber Jewelry long life, do not stimulate the skin and other characteristics. Soft material texture coupled with the appearance of generous design, concise, bright colors, fashionable, color diverse unique,Silicone Rubber Jewelry is now the most popular fashion jewelry in Europe and the United States and other countries, more avantgarde is popular in a color silicone jewelry, make you cool flavor! Wearing in the hand, is the fans and promotional fashion supplies. Craft carving, printing process, 10,000 kinds of patterns, thousand colors, fashion trend. This product is applicable to all kinds of entertainment, silicone hand ring more with various organizational activities, brand publicity, sports and other links can be made as gifts, souvenirs, promotional gifts ads.