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Silicone Rubber Products Elasticity Problems
Jun 05, 2017

    Rubber industry, where all the rubber products and silicone products why we have applied for thousands of years of history, one of the biggest reason is because of its flexibility and softness, flexibility is proposed by the British scientists, as early as the sixteenth century there is this Principle, in the silicone rubber industry, where the Scottish chemist found that the principle of rubber after the rubber products on the principle of flexibility has been cited so far, after several hundred years of development, and now we are used in various fields, with the vehicle constantly Growth and the mechanical construction industry to update the application of rubber and silicone rubber products has become our essential auxiliary materials, banning a lot of industry which leather, metal products.Silicone Rubber Products

     Now the use of silicone rubber products gradually expanded, the elasticity of silicone products become the most valuable performance of its advantages, the so-called elasticity is the need to have a strong adaptability and toughness to rebound and contraction without force Of the flexible, flexible applications in the silicone products industry which is widely used in a variety of areas which are widely used, and its important many common accessories and parts if the loss of elasticity is basically not a great effect, so a lot of silicone products life Are associated with the rebound stretch, in the application of the most common to provide shock absorption, shock, eliminate the buffer, sealing and so on.

     The main reasons for the flexibility of silicone products are the following.Silicone Rubber Products

1, the raw material formula and quality can directly affect the production of silicone products manufacturers lead to toughness is not good, the resilience rate of decline and so on, but also according to product performance and hardness to determine the raw material production formula and additives performance!Silicone Rubber Products

2, excessive force, especially in some machinery industry which long-term recycling and lead to pull up the frequency and intensity is too large lead to performance limit, over time the life will gradually decline.

3, the use of improper strength lead to performance degradation, in some common and the same type of common use of the occasion and the two different forces or different environment (such as ozone, heavy oil pollution) will lead to fatigue and use of silicone products to reduce life expectancy!Silicone Rubber Products

4, the production of silicone products manufacturers problems in the production process due to the mixing of vulcanizing agent with the expected hardness of the material to molding the vulcanization temperature, pressure and time may affect the flexibility of a silicone products and other performance problems The