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Silicone Rubber Protective Cover Requires Precision
May 10, 2017

Silicone Rubber Protective Cover Mold is a quick tool in a kind of the most simple way, usually with silicone RP prototype to the complex, but the life is very short, only about 10-30! He has a very good flexibility and replication performance, with silicone rubber copy Mold can not consider the draft angle, will not affect the dimensional accuracy, there is a very good division, do not have the upper and lower mold can be directly the overall casting. And then cut along the predetermined parting line can be removed.

    Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is divided into addition and condensation type:

    Raw materials and formulations using a special mold silicone rubber, the series sold in double packaging, A component is a compound, B component is a catalyst. Preparation to consider the room temperature, mold strength and hardness, in order to determine the proportion of AB component weight preparation. At room temperature at 20-25 degrees, A: B = 100: 1.5. When the chamber is low (but not less than 10 degrees) is appropriate to increase the B component 0.1-0.3 copies. Room temperature is high to reduce the B group 0.1-0.3 copies. Silicone Rubber Protective Cover The specific method is based on the mold volume to determine the total amount, and then A, B components in proportion to accurately measure, placed in the vessel evenly stirred, Serve.

    Molded: the deployment of good materials, into the imitation of the clean kind can be. In order to save material, made thin mold, can also be divided brush. To increase the tension of the mold can be glued gauze and the like. In room temperature 20 degrees under 2 hours can be cured into elastomer, one day after use.

Silicone rubber mold production Note:

1, B component is a catalyst, easy to tide hydrolysis, it should cover the lid after use.

2, A, B group by mixing, chemical reaction; immediately began, the viscosity gradually increased, can not be suspended, in order to avoid waste, Silicone Rubber Protective Cover should be based on the amount, with the use with, with good immediately after use, can not be delayed.

3, A, B group of the ratio, related to the speed of chemical reactions and mold performance. The more B components, the faster the reaction, Silicone Rubber Protective Cover the higher the strength and hardness of the product, but the toughness decreases. Therefore, the weighing requirements are accurate.

4, before preparation, should be a group of ingredients up and down mixing evenly, and then weighing.

5, pouring method suitable for relief type, brushing method for three-dimensional mold production. Pouring relief type of mold should be made longer than the original width of the original carving long and wide 4-6CM border. Border to be flat, the inside to be smooth.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover  Pour the border will be placed in a clean glass plate, and then the original on the box, leaving 2-3CM each side of the gap.

Silicone rubber mold production Note: the production process bubble solution:

1, to improve the design of the flash slot and exhaust system

2, increase the pressure of the press

3, reduce the amount of release agent, and even spray

4, material control of water

5, you can try to add some defoamer

6, the use of cold runner.

7, vacuum with a vacuum machine, the mold can increase the exhaust operation.