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Silicone Rubber Tableware Process And Material Requirements
May 15, 2017

Silicone rubber tableware refers to the use of silicone material production of tableware supplies. Non-toxic tasteless, high temperature, the use of food-grade silicone molded by molding.

Silicone rubber tableware relative to ceramics, plastics, metal tableware, silicone rubber tableware with the temperature of harmony, regardless of food is cold is hot, can protect the food itself temperature, reduce temperature change and loss, for a period of time in the Silicone bowl or bowl of food can also keep the original temperature, in use will not transfer the corresponding temperature to the user. and silica gel material itself has the particularity of the other material is not the same so that it produced products have a surprising use of the effect. For example, the floor silent food containers, after high-temperature cooking, will not produce harmful substances. And tableware can be folded, knead, can flip, Chuai in the pocket also does not occupy space, will not absorb oil. Its own desiccant role, also not because of long-term storage and moldy, qualitative change.

Silicone Rubber Tableware Because of the characteristics of silica gel temperature, can withstand temperature 240 ℃ and not deformation,-40 ℃ will not produce hardening phenomena, so this is a more than a product, very practical, we can not classify casually into the microwave oven, do not worry about melting and aging and yellowing phenomena, and cleaning easy, can use less than even the use of chemicals containing detergent, practicality and convenience are very strong, very suitable for use in life.

Silicone Rubber Tableware The real life of our different materials of tableware is a variety of ceramic plastic glass has stainless steel, but in use we will find: Ceramic tableware design is very beautiful appearance, let the first glance feel good, but the ceramics itself is excellent material, so carelessly will be touched on the gap or broken, and then can only throw away, plastic tableware, although not ceramic phenomenon, but used friends know that plastic tableware dirty after it is difficult to clean, Sometimes the need to go to the hot water and cleaning agents to the battle, we all know that cleaner or more to contain some chemicals, used more than after all bad. And the last thing to say is stainless steel tableware, stainless steel dining appearance of the United States durable, but if it is easy to protect the phenomenon of rust, and because of the relationship between the material we found that stainless steel products are not heat, heat dissipation, and not long time to place salt, soy sauce, vinegar. Also not use baking soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite and so on washing. Because these substances are strong electrolytes, will be chemically reactive with stainless steel, in order to choose the raw materials and technology should pay attention to the following factors:

A. Silicone Rubber Tableware Environmental requirements: Silicone rubber tableware products should be through the corresponding international environmental requirements, such as: REACH,RoHS, halogen, LFGB or FDA, etc.

b. Silicone Rubber Tableware Material Nature Requirements: the need for high resistance to yellow tasteless bridging agent or platinum bridging agent (according to different customer requirements), capable of high temperature masterbatch, resistant to two times curing of the substrate (coated with silica gel products will be used), can be environmentally-friendly gas-phase silicone rubber, especially when using silicone release agent to be particularly cautious, otherwise not up to food-grade testing requirements.

C. Silicone Rubber Tableware Technical requirements: For the sake of environmental protection, all silicone rubber tableware products should be 180 ℃-200 ℃ temperature in the state of hot air flow two times of sulphur 2-4 hours, such as the selection of platinum bridging agent vulcanization molding, in the determination can be passed LFGB or the FDA, can be appropriately reduced two time of sulfur.