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Structural Properties Of Silicone Rubber Products
Oct 25, 2017

Methyl vinyl Silicone Rubber (raw) is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, no mechanical impurities of the rubber, rubber in accordance with the need to add the appropriate reinforcement agent, structural Control agent, vulcanizing agent and other additives together, and then heating up molding or extrusion molding, and then two-stage vulcanization made of various products. Its products have excellent electrical insulation, arc, corona, electric spark ability, waterproof, moisture-proof, impact resistance, seismic resistance, with physiological inertia, permeability and other properties.Silicone Rubber Products

The silicone rubber polymer molecule is a chain-like structure made up of SI (silicon-oxygen) bond, its main component is the high molar mass of linear polysiloxane. Because the Si-o-si key is the basic key of its composition, the silicon atom is mainly connected with methyl, the small unsaturated group is introduced on the side chain, the intermolecular force is little, the molecule is spiral structure, the methyl is arranged in the outward direction and can rotate freely, making silicone rubber has better heat resistance, electrical insulating property and chemical stability than other ordinary rubber.Silicone Rubber Products The typical silicone rubber, the pom-pom, has a helical molecular configuration with a small intermolecular force, thus having a good resilience and a free rotation of the formaldehyde base outside the helix, so that silicone rubber has unique surface properties such as hydrophobic and surface-resistant adhesion. The following table lists the main characteristics and uses of silicone rubber.Silicone Rubber Products

RTV Silicone rubber generally includes the condensation type and the addition of two major types of molding. The addition of the molding room temperature adhesive is based on the linear polysiloxane with vinyl, with the hydrogen siloxane as cross-linking agent, and in the presence of the catalyst at room temperature to the temperature under the crosslinking reaction to become elastomer.Silicone Rubber Products 

It has good heat resistance, hydrophobic, electrical insulation, at the same time due to the introduction of active end-basis, so that it has excellent physical and mechanical properties, especially in the tensile strength, relative elongation and tearing intensity has been significantly improved. It is suitable for a variety of vulcanization methods, such as radiation vulcanization, peroxide vulcanization and injection molding vulcanization, widely used in heat, moisture, electrical insulation, high-strength silicone rubber products and so on.Silicone Rubber Products