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Tensile Properties Of Automatic Wrapping Roll
Nov 03, 2017

The uneven tension of membrane rolls is usually manifested as the inner layer of the film is too tight and the outer layers are lax. If the use of this film on the automatic packaging machine, will cause the operation of the packaging machine instability, the size of the bag is uneven, pull film offset, the edge of the deviation is too large, resulting in packaging products do not meet the quality requirements. As a result, the film coil products with this defect are more than return treatment.Automatic Wrapping Roll

Membrane coil tension is mainly caused by the membrane volume in the cut when the volume and volume tension imbalance. Although the majority of membrane slitting machine has a tension control device, can guarantee the slitting quality of membrane coil, but sometimes due to operation reasons, equipment reasons and the size of the volume and weight difference is too large and so on many factors, the uneven tension of the film roll is still occurring. Therefore, we need to carefully check and adjust the equipment to ensure the balance of membrane roll slitting tension.Automatic Wrapping Roll

Usually the membrane end surface requirements smooth, no uneven phenomenon, bump beyond 2mm will be judged as unqualified products, usually will be rejected. The uneven end of the film will also result in automatic packaging machine operation instability, pull film offset, edge deviation too large phenomenon. The reasons for the uneven end surface of the membrane are as follows: The operation of the cutting equipment is unstable, the thickness of the film is uneven, and the tension is uneven. The wave surface is the surface of the film is curved uneven, wavy.Automatic Wrapping Roll 

This quality defect will also directly affect the performance of the film in the automatic packaging machine, and affect the quality of the final packaging products, such as the tensile properties of packaging materials, sealing strength variation, printing patterns, forming bags deformation. If this quality defect is obvious, such a membrane volume can not be used on the automatic packaging machine.Automatic Wrapping Roll

In general, the number of membrane coil connector requirements are: 90% of the membrane volume of less than 1 joints, 10% of the membrane volume of fewer than 2 joints. When the membrane volume diameter is greater than 900mm, the number of joints required for: 90% of the membrane volume of fewer than 3 joints, 10% of the number of membrane coil joints can be $number. The roll core deformation will cause the membrane coil not to be installed in the automatic packaging machine membrane volume fixture.Automatic Wrapping Roll

The main reason for the deformation of the membrane coil core is the damage of the core in the storage and transportation, the coil tension is too large, the core quality is poor, the strength is low. For roll-core deformation of the membrane, usually return to the supplier for rewinding and replacement of the spool.Automatic Wrapping Roll

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