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The Application Of Silicone Rubber Accessories And Identify True And False
Jun 15, 2017

    Life in the common rubber material of the daily necessities slowly replaced by silicone material, today to show you a life commonly used silicone pieces - the data line of silicone tape!Silicone Rubber Accessories

    The band is basically living in many places to use, and the current market has a silicone data line straps, has not yet universal, in fact, this silicone data cable is the first export of foreign markets, data cable silicone strap easily Durable, easy to unlock easy to carry, reusable, feel much harder than the plastic straps much better, the key is not only suitable for home use! And barber shop, hotel and other common areas can also be used, you can also play a very good storage effect. For example, you can put the hairdresser's hair dryer line in an orderly way together! This data cable silicone tape can be seen in many barbershop! From the appearance of the difference between the feel:Silicone Rubber Accessories

     1, false silicone rubber wrist strap is easy to deformation, and really the silicone rubber will feel good rebound, pull the permanent deformation is relatively small.Silicone Rubber Accessories

     2, the real silicone rubber if the surface is not special treatment, then the hand feels will feel more smooth, because the surface layer there will be a layer of grease-like material.

     3, silicone rubber surface easy to stick dust, hair and the like impurities.Silicone Rubber Accessories

    Solution method: take the silicone rubber combustion and contact with the surface of the smoke, collecting white powder, the powder dissolved in 40% sodium hydroxide hot solution (60 degrees) take a drop of the solution into the test tube, add two drops of molybdate, slightly After heating, add a drop of aniline solution and 3-8 drops of saturated sodium acetate solution to observe the color reaction of the solution, if there is a blue description of silicon, proved to be silicone rubber. Silicone material of the glass lanyard with bright colors, soft feeling, at the same time, combined with the cup, in full compliance with the requirements of creative cups, so many cups manufacturing plants have started looking for silicone products factory mold custom silicone accessories.Silicone Rubber Accessories