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The Nature And Method Of Packaging Tape
Aug 23, 2017

     High-quality and high-performance packaging tape even in extremely bad weather, its performance is good, suitable for storage of goods in warehouses, container shipments and prevent the theft of goods, illegal opening and so on. The characteristics of the packaging tape. Packaging Tape
     Instantaneous adhesive force: The sealing tape is sticky. Fixed capacity: Even with very small pressure, can be glued to the workpiece. Easy to break: easy to tear from the tape, without the phenomenon of tape stretching and dragging.Packaging Tape
     Controlled expansion: The sealing tape can be pulled off the tape in a controlled manner, neither too loose nor too tight. Compliance: Sealing tape can easily adapt to the curve shape of the steep. Thin: The sealing tape will not leave a thick edge deposit. Smoothness: The sealing tape feels very smooth, the hand pressure will not stimulate the hand.Packaging Tape
    Anti-transfer: Sealing tape removal will not leave the adhesive. Anti-solvent: The backing material of the sealing tape has preventing solvent infiltration. Anti-fragmentation: no lobes are present in the sealing tape. Anti-retraction: the sealing tape can extend along the surface of the curve without the phenomenon of retraction. Anti-Peel: The paint will be tightly fastened on the backing of the sealing tape. The main advantages of packaging tape: thin thickness, good performance and price, transparent appearance, double-sided sticky, non-toxic, tasteless, safe, easy to use, high efficiency, high resistance to buffer strength ·, good retraction rate, puncture resistance, tear-proof performance is good.Packaging Tape
    Packaging Tape Production method: Packaging tape is on the basis of the Bopp film after High-voltage Corona after the surface of a rough after the glue coated after the split into a small volume is our daily use of tape. Adhesive tape Glue is acrylic resin, also known as pressure-sensitive adhesive, the main ingredient is tincture fat. Packaging Tape Principle: Packaging tape Why can sticky things? Of course it is because it is coated with a layer of adhesive on the surface of the relationship!      The earliest adhesives came from animals and plants, and in the 19th century rubber was the main ingredient in adhesives, while modern polymers were widely used.Packaging Tape
    Sticky agent can stick to things, is due to its own molecules and to connect the elements of the formation of bonds between the molecules, this bond can be firmly bonded together. Adhesive ingredients, depending on the different label, different kinds of different polymers.Packaging Tape