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The Role Of Silicone Mobile Phone Sets
Mar 07, 2017

1, silicone mobile phone sets to protect the phone to prevent hard objects in the phone screen or fuselage left scratches;

2, mobile phone sets can be printed on a variety of colors, the role of beauty! Beautiful, generous;

3, silicone sets can prevent the nail for a long time with the key contact scratches, worn, there is a protective screen and the role of the button;

4, silicone sleeve with anti-skid effect; and feel the quality is very good;

5, Apple phone sets, but also has the role of enhanced signal, because some mobile phone shell and metal contact after the formation of magnetic field interference of the phone signal, to the phone to wear insulated mobile phone sets, you can enhance the signal;

6, silicone mobile phone sets in the phone accidentally dropped, can play the role of earthquake shock absorption,

The advantages and disadvantages of silicone mobile phone sets

Advantages: easy to use, can be dust, anti-fingerprint, easy to handle; soft and hard moderate, mobile phone silicone sets will have a certain degree of softness to personal protection of mobile phones; mobile phone silicone sets of many, there are many different specifications, Regular replacement of different mobile phone silicone sets rich life.

Disadvantages: In addition to protecting the phone, the mobile phone silicone sleeve is easier to dirty, and will affect the phone's thermal performance, an additional increase in the thickness of the phone, affecting the use of mobile phones.