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The Widespread Use Of Packaging Tape
Sep 28, 2017

Packaging tape is in the BOPP original film on the basis of high-pressure corona after a rough surface coated with glue after the sub-divided into small rolls is our daily use of the tape. Tape glue is acrylic glue, also known as pressure-sensitive adhesive, the main component is tincture.Packaging Tape

Transparent tape is a kind of adhesive tape can be sticky, the original color of the transparent, but so far transparent tape has a lot of colors, and in people's lives or industry which is widely used.Packaging Tape

Transparent tape can be applied to such a wide range, mainly due to its composition of the tape, the composition determines its role, transparent tape composition of what are the main, transparent tape has two main components: film and adhesive. Film, transparent tape a total of two sides, one side is a sticky side is not sticky, and the sticky side is because the adhesive coated with the sake of the top layer of the film is transparent film. Adhesives, in the past technology has not yet so developed years, the adhesive is made of natural rubber made, and now less and less natural rubber, people have developed a synthetic rubber adhesive.Packaging Tape

In the stationery shop to buy transparent tape is mainly 1.5cm specifications, sealing tape is relatively wide to be much wider, so as to more firmly stick the carton. Transparent tape has a different thickness, different sticky, the key is to see where to use. The scope of application of various tapes is different.Packaging Tape

High-quality and high-performance transparent tape even in the harsh climate, its performance is good for the storage of goods in the warehouse, container shipments and to prevent theft of goods, illegal opening, etc. Transparent tape supply up to 6 colors and different Size of the form of neutral and personalized sealing tape, but also for office supplies.Packaging Tape