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Thermal Shrinkage Performance Of Silicone Rubber Protective Cover
Oct 16, 2017

Molded plastic shields are a product of earlier but less used power systems in the market, the structure of the following: Assembly blockade of the two departments, the two departments are mining high-strength transparent engineering Plastics as the main body, Non-ferrous Plastics as a vice body, the main pair of joints using sliding groove inside hook type, installation without the need to change the original wiring, After the installation of molding, unless the blockade is damaged, it is not strong artificially opened. According to the difference of the distribution of low-voltage outlet diameter, the product has different specifications for the user to choose, which can be used for transformers under 500kVA. The temperature of the assembly is 135~150℃, and the flange is transparent and not deformed. Can be used once, to lose an internal hook, can be sealed re-use.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover

Heat-shrinkable material products from the birth to the present, has been enhanced electrical equipment to the margin has its advantages, this in my office in the past to do the substation comprehensive protection and heat shrinkable power cable accessories used in the process to obtain substantial confirmation. This time, in the selection of the transformer electrical contact Shield process, we first weigh the material.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover

The product characteristics of the following: high-molecular blending polymer raw materials, product life ≥ 20 years. Mold processing preform molding, thickness 2-3mm. Soft and resilient, resistant to tearing. Anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, electrical trace, suitable for outdoor operation. Excellent hydrophobic ≤ 0.1%. The performance of the best margin, the strength of ≥25kv/mm. Simple installation, rapid, buckle structure for easy inspection and disassembly, re-use, applicable to Transformers high, low voltage side of many specifications wire, busbar, cable and other into the line, can provide red, yellow, green, black phase color, and also has the characteristics of phase sequence recognition.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover Flexible rubber flange shield is more than two years in the market on the injection molding of the cover, the market is also known as Silicone rubber flange shield, the actual material is flexible rubber, but also has some characteristics of silicone rubber material. The products are characterized by: flexible rubber raw materials, product life ≥ 20, HTV solid-state high-temperature vulcanization Molding process, thickness 2-3mm, high flexibility, tear resistant, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, suitable for outdoor lasting operating conditions, excellent hydrophobic characteristics, resistance to climb electricity, the best edge performance; the strength of ≥20kv/mm, can provide red, yellow, green, black phase color, also has the characteristics of phase sequence recognition.Silicone Rubber Protective Cover