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What Are The Application Areas Of Silicone Rubber Products
Sep 08, 2017

     According to the use of the environment and quality requirements of the product selection of suitable silicone rubber materials, such as wear-resistant products, oil, acid, alkali, high and low temperature, tensile strength and so on these requirements, and to determine the choice of which material is more reasonable.Silicone Rubber Products
      Most of the time we buy back raw materials are only rubber, and can not be directly used for production, but also need to carry out two processing, we call it refining, refining is in the raw rubber in accordance with a certain proportion of additives, toner and other auxiliary molding ingredients to achieve production requirements. After refining, you get a whole piece of material, and then you have to cut the entire piece of material into the same weight shape and size that we need, according to the structure and size of the product.Silicone Rubber Products
     After completing the above work, the most important step is to take shape, we need to put the last step of the material into the rubber mold, according to the pre-set process parameters for hot-pressing molding finally get the size we need, Of course, there are not hot pressure molding but directly through the injection molding machine to inject material into the mold cavity and get the necessary products, this kind of words is similar to the principle of syringes. After forming a whole piece of product, but also need to be part of the product we need to separate from the middle, and then remove the edge of the product, the appearance of the product inspection, so that a qualified rubber products also completed its full process.Silicone Rubber Products
     Of course, the above is not representative of all the production process of rubber products are this, specific or according to the actual situation and customer quality requirements for the product to be determined, the times in the progress of our production process is constantly upgrading. Silicone rubber Use: it can be used for molding high voltage rim and other electronic components, for producing televisions, computers, copiers, etc., but also used for the demand weatherability and durability of the molding gasket, electronic parts of the packaging materials, automotive electrical parts maintenance materials.Silicone Rubber Products
     Can be used for building and repair of buildings, highway seam seals and reservoirs, bridges of the caulking seal. In addition, there are special-purpose silicone rubber, such as conductive silicone rubber, medical silicone rubber, foam silicone rubber, silicone rubber, heat shrinkable silicone rubber and so on.Silicone Rubber Products