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What Are The Sales Packaging Materials
Aug 09, 2017

                  One, the commonly used packaging materials a. White Paper---plain white, copy papers, crepe paper, etc. B. Bubble Paper/poly velvet/sponge/Pearl cotton C. Carton Type---white box, brown box, color box, etc. D. Plastic bag---pp, PE, OPP, PVC, PVA, shrink film (PE, PP) and so on E. Other types of packaging editor recommended: All routes have a common transport costs code Valentine's Day English love love big delivery old salesman pressure box bottom cheat Money Phase award (1) Salesman Interpersonal secrets Favorites Favorite: World 10 Name table (PHOTOS) China's 10 most handsome president (photo) product packaging is an important part of the product, it is not only in the transport process to protect the role, but also directly related to the comprehensive quality of products. The following are our common packaging materials and packaging:Packaging Materials

                   Packaging Materials Second, commonly used packaging (a) inside the packaging ⑴ plastic bags: The United States line generally requires hot sealing, material for high-pressure PE material; unless the customer has specified requirements, pp material is not allowed. ⑵opp Bag: Transparency is good, but is brittle, easy to rupture, more used for candles, small toys and other products packaging, European line guests often request. ⑶ color box: Corrugated color box and no corrugated color box, ⑷ ordinary brown corrugated box: Commonly used for 3-layer corrugated box and 5-Layer corrugated box, product packaging, generally with tape sealing. ⑸ White box: can be divided into corrugated (3 or 5 layers) white box and no corrugated white box, product packaging after the general use of tape sealing. ⑹ Display Box: Its type is more, mainly has the color display box, with the PVC lid's display box and so on, through this packing can see the product in the packing box intuitively. ⑺ Plastic bag + hanging card: generally known as PBH. ⑻ Blister Card: Blister Card, referred to as BC. ⑼PVC box or PVC barrel. ⑽ Shrink film, also called Heat shrink film, small toys, candles and other products with such packaging more. ⑾ hangs the card. ⑿ Egg Compartment box. ⒀ back card. ⒁ gift box, more for jewelry, stationery and other products packaging, more kinds. ⒂ other. (ii) in the packaging is mainly plastic bags and corrugated box packaging, corrugated box types are mainly fol, TUCK TOP box, and so on (three) external packaging general export carton, 5 corrugated box, corrugated mainly with/tile. The formula for calculating the outer box price is: (length + width +8) $literal x (width + height +6) $literal x per square price. The length, width and height of the units are cm, for example, the size of an outer box for the X-X, then the price is (60+30+8) $literal x (30+40+6) $literal x 6 (market price) = 4.47 Yuan.Packaging Materials