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Why Is Silicone Rubber Tableware So Popular In Foreign Countries?
Jun 05, 2017

    According to China's incomplete statistics in recent years, China's silicone products manufacturers produce nearly 6W tons of silicone tableware, and there is a continuous upward trend; it is worth noting that the nearly 6W tons of silicone utensils are exported, exports to some Developed European and American countries. Think about why these foreign countries so much like silicone tableware it? And China's own production of silicone tableware only 10%, 1W tons are not, it would not let us worth thinking about it?Silicone Rubber Tableware

    (The relative cost of silicone tableware is relatively high) 2. People's environmental awareness is relatively poor (Silicone tableware is environmentally friendly non-toxic and non-toxic, environmental protection, environmental protection, environmental protection, environmental protection, environmental protection, environmental protection, environmental protection, environmental protection, environmental protection, Products) 3. National promotion efforts are not enough (countries do not pay attention).Silicone Rubber Tableware

    In fact, the reasons for the popularity of silicone tableware in foreign countries is also because of the advantages of its advantages of silicone tableware itself:

A. Silicone tableware using food grade silicone material molding, silicone materials internationally recognized non-toxic and tasteless environmentally friendly and safe.Silicone Rubber Tableware

B. Silicone tableware compared to other materials, the great advantage of tableware is: by throwing; ceramic, glass, stainless steel and other fendue has a fatal weakness is: fragile, although the plastic tableware can also fall, but the plastic hardness, Inevitably there are incomplete or crack cracks; and silicone tableware accidentally fell to the ground, there will not be any signs of damage, and when the fall will not sound.

C. Tableware will inevitably be steamed, boiled, baked, cooked, etc. These are required to require high temperature performance, but you do not need to worry about such a problem; because the silicone has a temperature characteristics, in the high temperature of 240 ℃ Deformation, no deterioration, -40 ℃ will not produce hardening phenomenon, but will not appear to melt, aging, yellowing of the phenomenon, so you can not category casually safe cooking.

D. Silicone tableware for things have the role of relative insulation, silicone and temperature with the integration, both hot and cold can protect the food itself temperature, which play the role of insulation.

E. Silicone tableware easy to clean, because it is not silicone oil, no adsorption of oil, but also has the nature of desiccant; so the silicone tableware is easy to clean.Silicone Rubber Tableware

F. There is also a great advantage is: silicone tableware can be folded, such as: silicone folding bowl, silicone folding cups, silicone folding lunch boxes, etc., folding tableware occupied space is greatly reduced.